• Labor vs. Management & the Media
    Wednesday January 14, 2009

    “Anyone who talks about you…or your business…is media!” There’s good reason for thoughtful and strategic consideration of your target audiences prior to dealing with the news media. You should always first identify the groups and/or individuals who are persuadable and can help you achieve your goals. Over time, and with repetition, these audiences can be […]

  • A Politician Who’s Not Evasive?
    Monday January 12, 2009

    https://themediatrainers.com/ Politicians typically are horrible role models for learning how to interact with news media interviewers. They’re notorious for their propensity to ignore questions and spew the rehearsed “company” line. They usually are much better to use as examples of evasion. Just think back to the recent and very protracted presidential campaign. Candidates and their […]

  • Spin
    Monday January 5, 2009

    https://themediatrainers.com/ Get “spin” out of your lexicon. It’s bad for your business health. In media training workshops I try to pre-empt the notion of spin even before it comes up, telling clients I’m not in the spin business and they shouldn’t be either. My job is to teach them the techniques of answering interview questions […]

  • Screw up? Admit it!
    Sunday January 4, 2009

    Why do some executives find it so difficult to admit mistakes? Ego? Arrogance? Insecurity? Stubbornness? Probably some of each. In the world of business, experience has shown that a quick and honest demonstration of contrition can go a long way toward getting things back to normal and preserving image and reputation. Time is critical. Wait […]