Challenge: You need a proven process that could help you prepare effectively for an interview in 30 minutes or less?

Solution: TMT’s Media Skills Development Workshop

A whole new approach to training based on TMT’s 10 Rules of Interviewing© that’s interactive, comprehensive and built around yourissues and your needs. This workshop gives you the foundation for interviewing techniques and a stream-lined process for quick, effective interview preparation. 

Challenge: What about those trick questions reporters always seem to use? How do you avoid those traps and stay on message?

Solution: TMT’s Tough Questions Workshop

The next step in building on the techniques and tools learned in TMT’s Media Skills WorkshopYou learn how to handle the typical and most frequent tough question situations reporters use in their search for controversy and conflict.  The Tough Questions Workshop is especially beneficial for anyone anticipating aggressive reporters.

Challenge: Your senior executives need a program built around their time limitations, a workshop that includes video examples of other top executives they can relate to. What’s out there for them?

Solution: TMT’s CEO Workshop

An intensive half- or full-day program designed specifically for the Chief Executive Officer and/or other members of the executive team to maximize their interview performance while minimizing preparation time. It includes real-life videos of their peer group to demonstrate positive, effective techniques of interviewing.

Challenge: You know you’ll face some kind of crisis issue one day. How can you be ready now so you can get business back to normal as quickly as possible when a crisis does hit?

Solution: TMT’s Crisis Management Workshop

Built around a realistic, rapidly developing and changing crisis, participants will work through a series of intense role-playing situations. Crises come in different sizes, but there are procedures that should be in place and ready to execute, no matter how serious the situation is. All are designed to bring things back to normal quickly and with as little external damage as possible.

Challenge: You have a number of different audiences to reach through various media outlets. How do you establish a set of clear, succinct messages to each group that will keep each of your spokespersons on “the same page” all the time?

Solution: TMT’s Messaging Summit

The summit brings all things into focus. A clear understanding of each audience segment, the impression you need to make with each, and the strong, positive messages that can penetrate a news interview environment and appear in print or be clearly heard on broadcast.  In the process, you learn to use our two proprietary, stream-lined message development tools that are also used in our workshops:

Challenge: Your up and coming executives interact on a daily basis, and often they have to relate and answer to your prospect’s & client’s top executives. How can you make them more comfortable and better communicators?

Solution: Executive Presence Workshops

This workshop is designed for organizations looking to improve the new business development and client contact skills of their rising associates and partners.  It’s a highly interactive session with one-on-one follow up to make sure what was learned in the classroom is being put into action.  These seminars are conducted by Eric Seidel and Andrew Dietz and are based on The 7 Laws of Gravitas©.

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