TMT’s Messaging Summit

Messages Should be Targeted, Positive, Persuasive, Succinct



Challenge: You have a number of different audiences to reach through any number of media today. Your challenge is to craft messages that leave lasting impressions, even after target audiences forget the specific words you used.

Solution: TMT’s Messaging Summit

The summit brings all things into focus. First, identify who you’re targeting, keeping in mind your audiences are groups, and/or individuals who can help you reach your business goals. Consider your ROI for your messaging plan, Determine the lasting impression you want your audiences to retain, and the 3-5 specific supporting messages to help reinforce that impression.


Each participant will receive an individual memory stick with:

  • Digital copies of TMT’s proprietary training templates, including the customized messaging developed during the summit, for your unlimited use:

    • TMT’s Exposure Grid©
    • TMT’s 30 Minute News Interview Planner©

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