The TMT Difference

Comprehensive knowledge of how media work and how to work with the media

  • We understand what it takes to run a business
  • We’ve conducted more than 500 workshops and consulting sessions with over 100 clients.
  • Workshops are designed around the needs of each participant based on:
      1. Their specific role inside the organization
      2. Their available time for training
      3. Their comfort level
      4. Their level of experience dealing with the media
      5. The type of interview(s) they will be doing

Depending on your needs, our training will include:

      1. Media skills built around The Media Trainers® 10 Rules of Interviewing©.
      2. Tough questions preparations focusing on the most difficult inquiries reporters are apt to make.
      3. Message development that gets your team “on message” to avert a crisis, diffuse an issue or promote your company.
      4. Role playing, mock interviews and video clips drawn from our extensive library.

We meet, and often surpass, client expectations:

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company:

“A training program where somebody spoke our language, prepared materials that reflected our business needs, and gave us just the right amount of useful materials.”

Coca-Cola Company (Minute Maid):

“I was significantly impressed by the pertinent and well-researched, well prepared questions. Much better than my Proctor & Gamble training.”

Southern Company:

“I believe that this training was right on target to what we needed. The trainer was well prepared, not only for our industry, but also our project subject matter. Thanks!”

Georgia Power Company:

“Trainer obviously knows our business and was excellent in identifying the areas we may be presented with while dealing with the media.”

Mirant Power:

“I was very impressed with the prep work done by the trainer relating to our business. Our industry is complex and he quickly adjusted to our local (Canadian) issues.”

AGL Resources, Inc.:

“Your training is straightforward and completely accomplished my objectives. Thank you for the open, honest feedback and relaying real life experiences.”

Through hundreds of training sessions and constant refinement, we have developed a set of proprietary media and communications training tools that are fast and easy to use. Our kit creates message structure, and makes your communications tangible and focused on results. Proprietary communications tools include:

      1. TMT’s 10 Rules of Interviewing©
      2. TMT’s Exposure Grid©
      3. TMT’s 30 Minute News Interview Planner©


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