Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company (Worldwide)Lockheed Martin

  • A training program where somebody spoke our language, prepared materials that reflected our business needs, and gave us just the right amount of useful materials.
  • Even the most basic techniques that were taught will significantly improve my ability to deal with the media
  • This was one of the absolute best classes I have ever attended. Very impressed with interviewer’s (Seidel) ability to delve into the subject and ask the hard questions.
  • Amazing amount of needed info packed into a one–day course. Outstanding instructor.
  • This guys is a professional. He also shows a sincere interest in helping participants. Terrific!
  • This guy knew our product and its issues. Very good interview training
  • One of the best one–day sessions I’ve been involved in on any subject. Focused, fast–paced and directly related to our key issues. Excellent feedback from credible media savvy experts. Job well done.

Airline Pilots Association

  • Eric – this is so helpful. I learn from you every time and I’ve been in the business 30 years. Thanks for such complete notes. We will study them.

The Minute Maid Company  The Minute Maid Company

  • I was significantly impressed by the pertinent and well–researched, well prepared questions. Much better than my Proctor & Gamble training.
  • The seminar was great & just what I needed.

Southern Company  Southern Company

  • Excellent training session! The feedback was very helpful. We need to do this with more executives and with more issues.
  • I believe that this training was right on target to what we needed. The trainers were well prepared, not only for our industry, but also our project subject matter. Thanks!
  • Seminar atmosphere was non–threatening – very important for a first experience in dealing with the news media. Instructors demonstrated desire to help us, not just impart their knowledge. Thanks

Georgia Power Company  Georgia Power

  • Great job. Instructors are professionals.
  • Terry and Eric obviously know our business and were excellent in identifying the areas we may be presented with while dealing with the media.
  • The trainers for the seminar bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise I believe will help me be more savvy with dealing with the media. The techniques are solid and useable.

Alabama Power Company Alabama Power

  • The information you prepared was really effective. Your knowledge has been SO helpful – we didn’t have to explain the issues, our time was spent learning.

Mirant (Worldwide)  Mirant

  • I was very impressed with the prep work done by the trainers relating to our business. Our industry is complex and they quickly adjusted to our local (Canada) issues.
  • Excellent questions. Very realistic – you guys seem like experts in our field.
  • Excellent! Best and most applicable training in–house that I’ve had.

The Carter Center (International Teams)  The Carter Center

  • The team of a representative of the press and a public info person worked very well.
  • Excellent. Best training I’ve done. Beautifully prepared. Very directed to our organization’s needs. Money well spent!

AGL Resources, Inc.  AGL Resources

  • Feedback from instructor was so “on point.” The video examples were powerful and the live interviews are critical. Excellent course. Very organized. Excellent instructor.
  • Your training is straightforward and completely accomplished my objectives. Thank you for the open, honest feedback and relaying real life experiences.

Honda Manufacturing of Alabama  Honda Manufactering of Alabama

  • Good mix of taped interview examples and role play. Nice job! Thanks. (Also, good prep by you in understanding our news issues — made it realistic)

Merck and Company Merck

  • The rapport with the trainer was good and put us in a comfortable mood. Good experience of trainer helped provide broad perspective on media & interactions. Day paced well; good dissection of filmed performances.

NetBank, Inc.  Net Bank

  • I am better prepared to deal with media interactions than I was prior to the session. I feel confident in my ability to positively represent my organization.

Georgia Chamber of Commerce

  • Wonderful job! Keep up the good work. 
  • Great immediate tools for application. Fantastic practical exercises. Seems like we were only there for two hours. I enjoyed it so!

Comcast (Southeast Region)  Comcast

  • I wanted to thank you for a great day.your session hit home and opened my eyes to what I need to focus on.
  • Fantastic presentation. I enjoyed the interactive portion and the agenda. It made me much more confident.

ECI International

  • Getting interviewed “live” on camera with pertinent questions makes this an excellent training experience. You are good!

Interface, Inc.

  • Professional. Seemed truly intent on making a difference with us and our company. I really appreciate your study of our company and the relevance of our work today to our issues.

AirTran Airways, Inc.  AirTran

  • Very professional outfit. I have personally walked away from this training with a much better perspective on how to handle the media in representing AirTran in a most positive manner.

Georgia D.O.T. Georgia DOT

  • YOU — did a great job. Your insight will help me to slow down and focus my message! The use of real DOT issues made a great difference. Best training I have had.

CES International

  • I learned more from this seminar than any other lecture/class/presentation my employer has hosted.

Southern Co. GAS  

  • Thanks for an excellent day. I left with a heightened awareness of how I should interact with the media.

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