TMT’s Crisis Management Workshop

The Best Time to Prepare is Before a Crisis


Challenge: You know you’ll face some kind of crisis issue one day. You need to be ready now so you can react, regroup and get your business back to normal as quickly as possible.

Solution: TMT’s Crisis Management Workshop

Built around a realistic, rapidly developing crisis, or a series of potential crises, your participants will work through a series of intense role-playing situations. While crises do come in different “sizes”, there are definite procedures that you need to have in place and ready to execute. Our process provides you a stream-lined, expeditious approach designed to bring things back to normal.

This seminar is built around TMT’s 10 Rules of Crisis Communications©. First, a realistic crisis scenario customized for your business is introduced and demands immediate response, on camera. After those interviews are obtained, you receive a highly interactive presentation with actual crisis interviews that illustrate TMT’s 10 Rules of Interviewing©. 

You also are led through the use of TMT’s Crisis Exposure Grid© & TMT’s Crisis Briefing Planner©. That’s followed by an evolving scenario requiring you to prepare using these templates to quickly prepare for each additional interview opportunity to help you get control of events and return business back to normal.


Each participant will receive an individual memory stick with:

  • Copies of the presentation slides of TMT’s 10 Rules of Crisis Communications©

  • Completed digital copies of TMT’s proprietary training templates for your unlimited use:

    • TMT’s Exposure Grid©
    • TMT’s 30 Minute News Interview Planner©
  • TMT’s 10 Interview Mistakes to Avoid

  • Copies of personal interview videos

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