TMT’s CEO Workshop

If someone puts you on the spot, you need to be spot on! 



Challenge: Your senior executives need a program built around their time limitations, a workshop that includes video examples of other top executives they can relate to. What’s out there for them?

Solution: TMT’s CEO Workshop

An intensive half- or full-day program designed specifically for the Chief Executive Officer and/or other members of the executive team to maximize their interview performance while minimizing preparation time. It includes real-life videos of their peer group to demonstrate positive, effective techniques of interviewing.

Here’s an example:


Each participant will receive an individual memory stick with:

  • Copies of the presentation slides of TMT’s CEO Workshop

  • Completed digital copies of TMT’s proprietary training templates for your unlimited use:

    • TMT’s Exposure Grid©
    • TMT’s 30 Minute News Interview Planner©
  • TMT’s 10 Interview Mistakes to Avoid

  • Copies of personal interview videos

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