TMT’s Presentation Training Workshop

 Combining Messages with Body Language 


TMT’s Presentation Skills Workshop

This workshop provides you with a stream-lined infrastructure for developing and delivering persuasive messaging through presentations. You learn effective, proven techniques in a workshop carefully customized to your issues. It’s entertaining, interactive, packed with example videos illustrating effective techniques, and realistic one-on-one on-camera rehearsal. Here‘s an outline:

  • One minute on-camera spontaneous, unrehearsed presentation on a pre-assigned topic.

  • Interactive presentation on TMT’s Rules of Presentation© and introduction to the use of our two exclusive preparation templates: TMT’s Presentation Exposure Grid© & TMT’s Presentation Planner©

  • Realistic topics customized to each participant’s area of expertise are assigned to prepare and present a 3-5 minute presentation, on-camera (this step and critiques can be repeated for a second practice opportunity if time and group size permit)

  • Critiques of each participant’s video presentation.



 Each participant will receive individual memory sticks with:

  • Copies of the presentation slides of TMT’s Rules of Presentation©
  • Digital and document copies of TMT’s proprietary training templates:
      • TMT’s Presentation Exposure Grid©
      • TMT’s Presentation Planner©
  • Copies of personal interview videos

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