TMT’s 10 Rules of Interviewing©

TMT’s 10 Rules of Interviewing©

  •  Rule #1—Know what’s at stake
    • What’s in it for you?
  • Rule #2—You can define the terms
    • Answer from your perspective.
  • Rule #3—You are the expert
    • You own the information.
  • Rule #4—An interview is not a conversation©
    • It’s a message delivery environment.
  • Rule #5—Understand the interview environment
    • Prevent unexpected distractions.
  • Rule #6—Have a positive attitude
    • Let body language validate your words.
  • Rule #7—Answers are more important than Qs
    • Deliver positive, stand alone statements.
  • Rule #8—Think audiences, first
    • Define targets, then plan messages.
  • Rule #9—Answer with a conclusion, or point
    • Reporters listen for sound bites.
  • Rule #10—Determine your Interview Objective
    • Make a positive lasting impression.

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