• The “Secret” of Effective Messaging
    Monday September 28, 2009

    By Eric Seidel, CEOThe Media Trainers®Clarity and consistency. Really no secret at all. But it does take preparation. And discipline. While using marketing statements (slogans) in news interviews is counter-productive and ill-advised, approaching interviews from a marketing posture does make sense. Marketers and ad agencies understand that messages take time to get through. It requires […]

  • Attention Bloggers!
    Thursday September 24, 2009

    CNBC’s Dennis Kneale celebrates how the tables were turned on a mean-spirited blogger: Target of the defamatory blogging, Lizkula Cohen (pictured below) was quoted in court papers: “I was shocked and embarrassed” to see photo captions and commentary “that were used to describe me as a promiscuous woman who is filthy, disgusting, foul and a […]

  • Conflict in the Boardroom?
    Wednesday September 23, 2009

    By Eric Seidel, CEOThe Media Trainers®Conflict and controversy. Two staples of the news media diet. Even when neither exists, you might find them fishing for one or both anyway. And when they dangle their hooks, often they try baiting you with something someone else might have said, suggesting there’s more to the story than you’re […]

  • Body Language at its Worst
    Monday September 21, 2009

    By Eric Seidel, CEOThe Media Trainers®Under fire and possibly targeted for criminal investigation, ACORN, the umbrella organization for a plethora of community and labor groups is attempting to repair, or at least control, the damage. Both chambers of the US Congress already have voted overwhelmingly to turn off the federal faucet. This swift action was […]

  • The Eyes Have It, Part Deux
    Wednesday September 2, 2009

    By Eric Seidel, CEOThe Media Trainers® For context, I call your attention to the post in this space about a month ago entitled “The Eyes Have It.” Here’s an addition. Watch it… …what did he say?