• Finally, Tiger Starts the Process
    Saturday February 20, 2010

    By Eric Seidel, CEO The Media Trainers® The intimate and outrageous behavior that has led to Tiger Woods’ personal crisis is akin to a catastrophic air disaster and required a similar swift and comprehensive response similar to any airline suffering an accident. The fact that he waited so long has been a serious setback to […]

  • Whipping the Proverbial Whipping Boy
    Thursday February 18, 2010

    By Eric Seidel, CEOThe Media Trainers, LLCDon’t like the message? Punish the messenger. It may feel good, but the sense of relief is short-lived. In times of crisis, blame-shifting rarely pays off; yet, it keeps happening.Tammy Darvish owns four Toyota dealerships and one Lexus dealership. Obviously, she has a lot riding on how Toyota has […]

  • Is Toyota Stepping on the Gas Too Late?
    Monday February 1, 2010

    Caused by a stuck Toyota accelerator?By Eric Seidel, CEOThe Media Trainers® Finally, Toyota is talking. Finally, there’s a human face and voice instead of online, emailed and, presumably, faxed statements. Better late than never? Or too late? There’s conjecture aplenty from financial and automotive industry pundits on the estimated damage to the Toyota brand and […]