Case Study: AirTran Airways


Marketing Director Tad Hutcheson’s excellent media relationships increased demands by major media for access to his top executives

He had The Media Trainers® get him,  and those executives, prepared

The Challenge
AirTran Airways, America’s fastest growing low cost airline, had expanded its footprint from coast-to-coast. This increased domestic service, coupled with major news trends in the economy and their impact on commercial airlines, had brought greater demands from the news media. AirTran Airways needed to get, and keep, its executives up to speed and responding to the media effectively.

Why We Chose The Media Trainers®
“Having already experienced the unique and customized training The Media Trainers® has provided AirTran Airways the last several years, we were familiar with TMT’s unique message development model and process, and the easy-to-follow techniques to deliver those messages. It also made sense for our executives and other managers who speak on behalf of the airline to use the same, consistent methods for interview preparation.”

The Results
“AirTran was able to dispatch more executives and managers to its growing network of destinations. TMT’s Message Workouts proved to be invaluable in news media interviews, presentations and meetings with public officials. And having one consistent template
that everyone uses to prepare saved us time and got us quoted accurately.”

Get TMT’s Messaging Workout for Your Top Executives
TMT’s 30 Minute News Interview Planner© is a unique, exclusive and streamlined approach to identifying key audiences and the persuasive messages that will get them to help you meet your business goals.

By bringing your top executives into the message development process, they will “own” the organization messages and deliver them with enthusiasm, consistency and credibility.”

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