Executive Rewind: The ROI of Interviews

A Different Look at the Concept of Give and Take


Consider this: a reporter interviews you because they want information, or a quote (or sound bite). So, you are fulfilling something they need to do a story. What about what you need, or would like to get in return? Shouldn’t this be a two-sided arrangement?

In either case, neither of you may come away with exactly what you wanted, or needed, to get out of it. But that doesn’t negate the fact that you have every right to pre-determine what you want to get out of an interview BEFORE you submit.

Hence what I call your ROIReturn On the Interview. This is what you want to achieve as result of solid, persuasive messaging. The ROI could be one (or more) of any number of things including, but not limited to:

  • Competitive advantage

  • Correcting erroneous impressions

  • Enhancing or repair company image

  • Positively affecting stock value

  • Joining an industry messaging campaign

  • Potential for immediate financial gains

  • Responding to a crisis

  • Maintaining a top-of-mind position with clients/customers

  • Cultivating media relationships to support your branding efforts

There are no guarantees you’ll achieve your Return On the Interview. But you can be fairly sure no ROI will be derived if none is planned for ahead of time.

Predetermine your ROI and good message development should follow.

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