Executive Rewind: Where News Messaging and Marketing Intersect

Make It Newsworthy, Then Keep Repeating It

The Intersection

The “firewall” that separates news content and marketing statements is distinct. One deals–or should–in facts, while the other is typically a promotional medium where fact often is either displaced by, or blended into, aspiration.

However, there’s a very definite and important intersection between news and marketing when it comes to media training and coaching executives in the art of interacting with news people.

That intersection is frequency. Part of a good marketing program is repetition; making sure target audiences are exposed to the message often enough that it gets through. We all are exposed to so many messages today, it takes a strong one to make an impression, and usually only after a number of times seeing and/or hearing it.

Bad or false messaging both in marketing or news content can kill an image (product, service, position, etc.) very quickly. Good messaging typically takes longer to connect. Hence, the need to say it, and say it again.

Messages must be relevant to your target audiences, are usually positive in nature, and true. News people are loathe to hearing slogans. They listen for quotes and information that are provable and strong, and help them tell a good story.

But they also want answers that are responsive to their questions. The answers do not have to validate the questions, but they do need to be relevant to the question, even though your response is (and should be) on your terms, and from your perspective.

After you’ve developed your messaging, employ the marketing tactic of frequency and consistency. The more your same messages are being reported consistently, the greater your chance of leaving the lasting impression that helps persuade your target audiences to enable you to reach your business goals.

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