Case Study: Lockheed Martin Systems Integration


The President needed a new Marine One helicopter

Lockheed Martin Systems Integration was one of two finalists for the contract

The competition was stiff; the media coverage comprehensive

LMSI called on The Media Trainers®

The Challenge
For the first time in decades, the US Navy put out a bid for the next generation of Marine One helicopters. The president’s helicopter. Lockheed Martin Systems Integration and its partners had a proven product, a battle-tested helicopter that could become the president’s Oval Office in the sky. They also had very stiff competition from, up to now, the only company that had ever built Marine Ones. They had to make a convincing case to win this $1.6 Billion contract.

Why They Chose The Media Trainers®
For several years sister company Lockheed Martin Aeronautics had been successfully using the communications skills taught by The Media Trainers® to win and maintain government defense contracts. TMT came very highly recommended both for its customized training and an exclusive process for crafting effective messages and getting them used by the news media. Time was short. The selection date was nearing and TMT gave their team leader the best chance to get prepared quickly.

The Results
The program general manager immediately embraced TMT’s agenda–building model. It helped him adjust his mindset and gave him 100% ownership of LMSI messages. And, TMT’s techniques empowered him to respond to questions on his terms, as advertised. His satellite media tour and subsequent interviews were a big success, helping make the case that Lockheed Martin Systems Integration and its partners were indeed the best team to build the new Marine One presidential helicopter. Lockheed Martin Systems Integration won the $1.6 Billion contract.

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