Case Study: NetBank


NetBank needed its senior executives armed with critical messages and the techniques to deliver them to a variety of target audiences

Senior VP for Corporate Communications Matthew Shepherd called The Media Trainers®

The Challenge
“Our company grew exponentially over the course of a few months through a number of acquisitions. These acquisitions expanded our employee base from 150 to more than 2,000. The company’s earnings profile also changed radically. The transactions provided us with significant and diverse income potential. As a larger, new entity, we needed to communicate our vision for the company to our employees as well as investors. It was also important for us to show continuity between the mission of the different businesses beforehand and the mission of the combined organization going forward.”

Why We Chose The Media Trainers®
“We turned to The Media Trainers® to help refine our communications strategy and to distill the company’s objectives into clear, concise messages for our different audiences. TMT has repeatedly earned the confidence of our senior management team within the first few minutes of the workshops they’ve conducted on our behalf. They do their homework and are ready to engage in a meaningful, constructive exercise from the start – which ensures we are making the most of our executives’ time.”

The Results
“The contributions The Media Trainers® has made to the success of our communications program are many. We prepare for all media interviews using the TMT model and process. We have incorporated these messages into our communications to employees, investors and the media. Many of these messages have been picked up by media and Wall Street analysts in their descriptions or written discussions of our company. The value is in having messages that media are willing to repeat. If I were to take out ads in the publications where I have seen our key messages displayed, it would cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. We believe journalists will only use a message if it is based in fact and devoid of marketing spin. The ones TMT helped us develop fit that mold.”

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