• Executive Rewind: The Houston Astros Tone Deaf Owner
    Friday February 14, 2020

    You probably heard by now that the American League’s Houston Astros have been outed for cheating. They were stealing the signs of opposition catchers in real time and signaling to Houston batters what the next pitch would be. This was going on in 2017 when the Astros beat the NY Yankees for the American League […]

  • Finally, Tiger Starts the Process
    Saturday February 20, 2010

    By Eric Seidel, CEO The Media Trainers® The intimate and outrageous behavior that has led to Tiger Woods’ personal crisis is akin to a catastrophic air disaster and required a similar swift and comprehensive response similar to any airline suffering an accident. The fact that he waited so long has been a serious setback to […]

  • Tiger Woods
    Thursday December 3, 2009

    By Eric Seidel, CEOThe Media Trainers®John Edwards, David Letterman, Tiger Woods. Which one doesn’t belong? Yes, they all had extramarital affairs. But only Letterman broke the news himself and thereby took some control over the story. Edwards tried to play hide-and-seek so long, in the end he looked incredibly foolish. Somehow he thought he could […]