• Executive Rewind: Your Body is a Message Selling Machine
    Thursday June 27, 2019

    More than 90 per cent of what you communicate is non-verbal. If your body language disagrees with what you’re saying, your words are fairly worthless. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy is an expert on body language: Texas Instruments CEO Richard Templeton is an electrical engineer by training. Doing TV interviews probably doesn’t come naturally to him. […]

  • Executive Rewind: Anticipation is a Key to Interview Preparation
    Tuesday May 24, 2016

    Social issues, politics, economic policy, competition…just a sampling of interview topics that’s fair game for the media. As a business leader, how do you prepare? What’s your process for developing focused, responsive, positive and persuasive messaging without being sucked into a counter-productive exchange? Here’s a range of examples for you to consider: The Obama Administration has decreed transgenders’ […]

  • Executive Rewind: How to Handle Media Questions about Your Competition
    Friday January 16, 2015

    It’s inevitable, especially in business interviews, to get questions that pit you against your competitors. These are good opportunities to establish your competitive advantage. For instance, diet program Jenny Craig CEO Monty Sharma responded to a question about the troubles facing Weight Watchers. Rather than jumping on that bandwagon, Sharma drew the distinction between app-based […]