• Executive Rewind: Mastering the “Sound Bite”
    Thursday March 19, 2015

    It’s a sound bite world. There’s so much information coming at us every minute of every day, it takes a strong “sound bite” to break through the din. Instead of resisting it, learn to master it. Here are a number of very brief (well, after all, they are sound bites) examples. As you watch and listen […]

  • The NBA and Damage Control
    Wednesday April 30, 2014

    Banned for Life   By Eric M. Seidel, CEO The Media Trainers, LLC When NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life, he had little choice to act swiftly and decisively. Too much was at stake. Reputation, image, morale and, perhaps most importantly, money. Sponsorships and other revenue-bearing relationships were on […]