• Lessons from a Crisis Past
    Saturday June 6, 2009

    TVA’s Coal-Filled Christmas Stocking by Eric Seidel, CEO The Media Trainers® “The prescription for remedying any disaster is to demonstrate empathy and to communicate those concerns from those at the top of the organization.” Bull’s-eye! The above quote comes from the June 3, 2009 blog posting (“Thinking the Unthinkable”) by Ken Silverstein, editor-in-chief of EnergyBiz […]

  • TVA Dragged Through its Own Sludge
    Monday January 26, 2009

    https://themediatrainers.com/ The Tennessee Valley Authority’s wreckless handling of crisis communications following its Christmas-time sludge spill in the eastern end of the state continues to haunt the utility and call its leadership into question. This is the latest of many apparent sins and comes at an unfortunate time for the management as democrats, tuned in to […]

  • The Internet and the Rules for Handling a Crisis
    Tuesday December 30, 2008

    The Internet presents businesses and organizations in crisis with many new challenges and lessons. Chief among them is that you cannot afford to be an absentee participant when it comes to crisis communications. That lesson comes through loud and clear in the TVA’s pre-Christmas coal sludge spill in eastern Tennessee. The extent of the flood […]

  • TVA Management Took a Holiday
    Friday December 26, 2008

    www.themediatrainers.com While residents of Harriman, TN, spent the Christmas holiday digging out from several feet of coal ash and sludge, TVA’s senior management was on holiday and apparently unavailable. Management’s absence once the media reached the scene and started feeding back startling pictures and in-depth stories left huge opportunities for dominant roles by environmental critics […]