• Anticipating Interviewer’s Agenda
    Saturday February 28, 2009

    (www.themediatrainers.com) CEO, Chip PerryCorrectly anticipated interviewer’s agenda Dismiss the notion you can control the entire interview. What if the reporter had an argument with a spouse and is in a bad mood? Or, what if he/she is under unusual deadline pressure with lots of stories to cover and file and in a rush and impatient? […]

  • A Punch in Pillsbury Doughboy’s Tummy
    Saturday February 21, 2009

    “Anyone who talks about you…or your business…is media!”It doesn’t only take a camera phone to compromise what you assumed was private. Ever been somewhere in public when someone is on their mobile phone speaking in a voice people in the next zip code could hear? For most of us it’s just an annoyance. But, for […]

  • Now Is the Time for Greater Visibility
    Wednesday February 18, 2009

    Make News for Doing Things Right https://themediatrainers.com/ Cheating, dishonesty, and poor judgment are among the primary drivers today generating a wide and deep sense of distrust in businesses, institutions and individuals. Every day, it seems, there is more reason for the public to doubt, suspect, and condemn. And, for companies like the Peanut Corporation of […]

  • How Is Your Company Being Perceived?
    Tuesday February 17, 2009

    Using the media: Dan Amos and “Say-to-Pay”https://themediatrainers.com/ Image is huge. Especially now in a sinking economy, when companies are under media microscopes, being examined for bonuses, junkets and perceived abuse of government bailouts. Whether criticism in every case is fair really is a moot point. It’s all about impressions. Some of the most vocal critics […]

  • Chuck Schumer: A New High in Hubris
    Wednesday February 11, 2009

    Why isn’t he listening? https://themediatrainers.com/ There have been many complaints, more than a few of them legitimate, over corporate hubris concerning junkets, salaries and bonuses. And, yes, this blog certainly has been part of that chorus. And, while the loudest and most shrill voices have been from the halls of Congress, New York’s senior senator […]

  • The Wells Fargo Withdrawal
    Tuesday February 10, 2009

    www.themediatrainers.com Emotions always trump statistics. So, when companies that are taking billions of dollars from Washington during a deep recession continue to appear to be living too high on the hog, the negative perceptions are damaging. Some might make a case that these trips—often called junkets—help transfuse cash into supporting businesses (e.g., hotels, taxis, tour […]