Chuck Schumer: A New High in Hubris

Why isn’t he listening?

There have been many complaints, more than a few of them legitimate, over corporate hubris concerning junkets, salaries and bonuses. And, yes, this blog certainly has been part of that chorus.

And, while the loudest and most shrill voices have been from the halls of Congress, New York’s senior senator has set a new standard for arrogance.

According to Chuck Schumer, you don’t care about the hundreds of millions, yes, even billions of dollars in “pork” in the so-called stimulus bill.

His exact words on the floor of the Senate:

“And let me say this, to all the chattering class that so much focuses on those little, tiny, yes, porky amendments: the American people really don’t care!” (Click on video

This inside-the-Beltway, let ‘em eat cake attitude is horrifying, enlightening and validating, all at the very same time. The message seems to be that people aren’t paying attention, so we can get away with it.

According to polls, an estimated 80% of people surveyed don’t like the bill, but Schumer (and, apparently, others on the Hill) don’t care, aren’t listening and will do what they want.

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