• Executive Rewind: What’s Your Reaction to this Guy?
    Wednesday February 25, 2015

    This is John LeGere. He’s CEO of T-Mobile. He’s being interviewed by a panel of CNBC anchors. As you watch, what jumps out at you immediately? How does it influence your overall impression? What’s most predominate: his appearance, his body language/energy, or his message? Who do you think his target audiences are (or should be) […]

  • Executive Rewind: Handling M&A Questions from the Media
    Sunday February 8, 2015

    When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, and media interviews, especially if you’re a public company, you certainly understand you need to be careful. There are several ways to handle those questions. However, let’s get one thing clear: “no comment!” is not recommended. Those two words say so much more than intended. There are much […]

  • Executive Rewind: Don’t Become Another Brian Williams!
    Saturday February 7, 2015

    “Anyone who talks about you…or your business…is media!” I use that brief slogan above for my own business as both a warning, and a fact. The Internet has given the ability to publish to anyone who can get online. And if they’re talking about you, the same Internet hands them a digital steam shovel to […]

  • Executive Rewind: When Marketing Qualifies as News
    Thursday February 5, 2015

    In August, 2014, I wrote a post about the intersection between news and marketing. For the most part, that post centered on thinking of your news opportunities like marketing: frequency is critical to getting messages heard. But, as I noted, it’s important to maintain a clear line between these two types of message delivery vehicles. However, there […]

  • Executive Rewind: A Millennials Survival Message to the Financial Community
    Monday February 2, 2015

    This is a savvy case of using traditional media to reach, and teach, a traditional audience about what’s happening with an important consumer class that just might be off their radar screens. Take note, especially if your success is dependent on the upcoming generation(s). Max Levchin is a serial entrepreneur in the finance industry. He […]