Executive Rewind: A Millennials Survival Message to the Financial Community

This is a savvy case of using traditional media to reach, and teach, a traditional audience about what’s happening with an important consumer class that just might be off their radar screens.

Take note, especially if your success is dependent on the upcoming generation(s).

Max Levchin is a serial entrepreneur in the finance industry. He co-founded PayPal, and now he’s CEO of Affirm, whose mission statement is aimed at Millennials:

“Pay over time, on your terms. Buy with Affirm – and pay off your purchase in easy, fixed monthly payments.”

That statement is important because it’s meant to resonate with Millennials and get a very strong message to what he calls “old school consumer financial institutions”:

Indeed, Levchin says, a substantial majority of Millennials don’t even use one of the establishment’s primary financial products:

And the change clearly is permanent, as a result of the Information Age. So, the finance community had better take note, or face extinction:

The lesson here: you’ve got to know your audiences and how to reach them. In this case, we have a spokesman for Millennials taking advantage of a Bloomberg TV interview to get the word out to the generations that preceded them:  Mature/Silents, Baby Boomers and even Gen X.   (http://www.marketingteacher.com/the-six-living-generations-in-america/)

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