• Executive Rewind: In This Case, Is Being a “Business” the Right Message?
    Wednesday March 25, 2015

    It happened in Memphis. A drug dealer, trying to evade the cops, barges into a daycare center. Here’s the set up and the live interview on the Fox affiliate in Memphis. Listen closely to the director. She’s definitely got messages. Also, consider audiences who would be especially interested in what she has to say: The center […]

  • Executive Rewind: Mastering the “Sound Bite”
    Thursday March 19, 2015

    It’s a sound bite world. There’s so much information coming at us every minute of every day, it takes a strong “sound bite” to break through the din. Instead of resisting it, learn to master it. Here are a number of very brief (well, after all, they are sound bites) examples. As you watch and listen […]

  • Executive Rewind: My Critique of T-Mobile’s CEO
    Monday March 2, 2015

    Lots of excellent feedback from you on your reaction to John LeGere, the T-Mobile CEO during a CNBC interview. The reactions were mixed, stretching across the spectrum. Here’s my critique. First, some of you watched the video more than once. Most viewers, however, had just one shot to see it and get impressions. Second, he had […]