Executive Rewind: In This Case, Is Being a “Business” the Right Message?

It happened in Memphis. A drug dealer, trying to evade the cops, barges into a daycare center.

Here’s the set up and the live interview on the Fox affiliate in Memphis. Listen closely to the director. She’s definitely got messages. Also, consider audiences who would be especially interested in what she has to say:

The center had a system that could’ve prevented the man from getting in, but failed to use it. Why? Because, the director says, our center is “a viable business.” That message was repeated frequently, as was, “Our staff perfectly executed our plan.”

No one, children or adults, was hurt, she says. But were they just lucky in this case?

How would parents of the children in this daycare center feel, knowing the door never had to be opened at all? How about parents who might consider this particular center? Can a daycare center put business over safety? Especially when there obviously was enough forethought to keep the door locked and have an intercom.

This is a perfect example of just how important first identifying your audiences is before you develop messaging.


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