• Executive Rewind: All Atwitter about Twitter
    Tuesday February 16, 2016

    Perception and speculation are the engines of Wall Street. The only acceptable direction, especially in the publicly-held world of stocks, is UP! Anything less and the investor knives come out. The idea of “critical mass” isn’t permitted. Creative market and revenue growth are rewarded. Usually. For instance, Twitter (TWTR). In a recent article in The Guardian, […]

  • Executive Rewind: Dealing with the Post-Crisis Crisis
    Tuesday February 2, 2016

    The Centers for Disease Control has cleared Chipotle. The CDC says the e-Coli crisis is over. Certainly, that’s good news after six months of mystery about what was causing people to get sick after eating in a number of Chipotle restaurants. Unfortunately, that mystery remains unsolved. Now the speculation over Chipotle’s fiscal well-being is underway. Consider this conversation […]

  • Executive Rewind: The Intangibles of Persuasive Messaging
    Monday April 6, 2015

    It’s often the subtle things that win over your audiences. What you say is important, of course, but what you’re saying silently helps close the “sale.” Robert Manfred is the 10th and newest commissioner of Major League Baseball. His demeanor exudes likeability. He’s real and credible. He projects a definite sense of accessibility. (Watch his full interview with […]

  • Executive Rewind: Handling M&A Questions from the Media
    Sunday February 8, 2015

    When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, and media interviews, especially if you’re a public company, you certainly understand you need to be careful. There are several ways to handle those questions. However, let’s get one thing clear: “no comment!” is not recommended. Those two words say so much more than intended. There are much […]

  • Executive Rewind: Don’t Become Another Brian Williams!
    Saturday February 7, 2015

    “Anyone who talks about you…or your business…is media!” I use that brief slogan above for my own business as both a warning, and a fact. The Internet has given the ability to publish to anyone who can get online. And if they’re talking about you, the same Internet hands them a digital steam shovel to […]

  • Executive Rewind: A Millennials Survival Message to the Financial Community
    Monday February 2, 2015

    This is a savvy case of using traditional media to reach, and teach, a traditional audience about what’s happening with an important consumer class that just might be off their radar screens. Take note, especially if your success is dependent on the upcoming generation(s). Max Levchin is a serial entrepreneur in the finance industry. He […]