• Executive Rewind: What’s Happening to Our Grammar?
    Friday February 28, 2020

    I remember learning about comparatives in grade school, so when did… …Happier become more happy? …Easier become more easy? …Faster become more fast? …Larger become more large? …Smaller become more small? …Higher become more high? …Taller become more tall? …Fatter become more fat? …Bigger become more big? …Sadder become more sad? …Simpler become more simple? […]

  • Executive Rewind: The Equifax Crisis Continues
    Thursday February 27, 2020

    Mark Begor* inherited a big mess. The Equifax Crisis. Almost three years ago the credit bureau suffered a huge cyber breach. Critical information about more than 145 million consumers was put at risk. Originally discovered in July 2017, it was not made public until September 7th of that year. It’s been described by the FBI […]

  • Executive Rewind: Does Your Team Know the Company’s Messages?
    Tuesday February 25, 2020

    Inconsistent company messaging through the media can create unnecessary problems for you. Messages for external audiences have got to be clearly communicated to your internal team, first. Otherwise, you open the door to confusion and spending time clearing it up. In late 2018, CVS closed on its purchase of AETNA for $69 billion “transform(ing) its […]

  • Executive Rewind: The Houston Astros Tone Deaf Owner
    Friday February 14, 2020

    You probably heard by now that the American League’s Houston Astros have been outed for cheating. They were stealing the signs of opposition catchers in real time and signaling to Houston batters what the next pitch would be. This was going on in 2017 when the Astros beat the NY Yankees for the American League […]

  • Executive Rewind: Trust in Business Up & It Comes with an Obligation
    Wednesday February 5, 2020

    Business is winning! Whether you own it, have a key role in running it, or you’re an employee, you now are a member of the most trusted institution. And this new leadership role includes more responsibility for business executives. Edelman, a highly respected private, family-run international public relations agency, performs an annual “Trust Barometer.” Business, […]