Executive Rewind: Trust in Business Up & It Comes with an Obligation

Business is winning! Whether you own it, have a key role in running it, or you’re an employee, you now are a member of the most trusted institution. And this new leadership role includes more responsibility for business executives.

Edelman, a highly respected private, family-run international public relations agency, performs an annual “Trust Barometer.” Business, technology, media and government are measured each year to determine public trust.

Edelman CEO Richard Edelman* reveals the top headline from the recently completed 2019 survey:

There’s an important additional message for executives. It’s from your employees:

Indeed, the demand for active foreground CEOs is very high:

That means being well prepared to be accessible publicly, especially through the media.

One reason your public exposure now is even more important is because business has replaced technology as most trusted. People fear technology and the possibility automation will take their jobs.

And that’s not all:

Now, while the media are an important and valuable vehicle for you “being out there,” you need to understand where the trust in media is, and is not:

This negative public perception of social media has become a significant problem:

Government, too, has problems with public trust. Edelman says government needs to be more local, tangible and accountable.

That’s important. Executives take heed. Like the message to government, you need to be out front, accessible, and well-prepared to address the public through the media. Your employees insist on it.

* Richard Winston Edelman is the President & Chief Executive Officer of the public relations company Edelman, a position he has held since September 1996.

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