• Executive Rewind: Countering Conflicting Messages on the Coronavirus Crisis
    Monday March 9, 2020

    Bill Gates from his blog: “In the past week, COVID-19 has started to behave a lot like the once-in-a-century pathogen we’ve been worried about. I hope it’s not that bad, but we should assume that it will be until we know otherwise.” Elon Musk from Twitter: “The coronavirus panic is dumb” Two opposing opinions from […]

  • Executive Rewind: How Boeing Contributed to its Own Crisis
    Thursday March 14, 2019

    Every airline will tell you passenger safety is their highest priority. It’s a boilerplate talking point. But actions speak much louder than words in this case. Especially since safety is more than just the issue of taking off, flying, and landing without incident. It’s a state of mind, too. Passengers need and want to feel […]

  • Blind Man Swinging at a Piñata
    Thursday November 3, 2011

        By Eric M. Seidel, CEO The Media Trainers®, LLC   First, this disclaimer: I have no preference in the GOP presidential contest. I observe press conferences, interviews and debates through the prism of techniques. With that said, Herman Cain’s response to sex harassment charges has been a graduate-level course in what NOT to […]

  • C-Y-A Doesn’t Work in a Crisis
    Friday April 16, 2010

    USA Swimming Executive Director Chuck Wielgus       By Eric Seidel, CEO The Media Trainers®   USA Swimming is where future American Olympians are groomed. It also is where some young girls have been sexually abused for years by several dozen coaches.   The executive director of USA Swimming gets an “F” for how […]

  • Finally, Tiger Starts the Process
    Saturday February 20, 2010

    By Eric Seidel, CEO The Media Trainers® The intimate and outrageous behavior that has led to Tiger Woods’ personal crisis is akin to a catastrophic air disaster and required a similar swift and comprehensive response similar to any airline suffering an accident. The fact that he waited so long has been a serious setback to […]

  • Whipping the Proverbial Whipping Boy
    Thursday February 18, 2010

    By Eric Seidel, CEOThe Media Trainers, LLCDon’t like the message? Punish the messenger. It may feel good, but the sense of relief is short-lived. In times of crisis, blame-shifting rarely pays off; yet, it keeps happening.Tammy Darvish owns four Toyota dealerships and one Lexus dealership. Obviously, she has a lot riding on how Toyota has […]