• Executive Rewind: CEO’s Need to Study this CEO
    Tuesday January 5, 2016

    When it comes to interacting with the media, Ken Frazier is among the best. This Merck CEO projects so many positive attributes. He’s accessible, positive, credible, and he answers questions responsively, yet on his terms. And, most importantly, he’s extremely well prepared. Frazier recently was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo on the Fox Business Network. Using the videos […]

  • Executive Rewind: Mastering the “Sound Bite”
    Thursday March 19, 2015

    It’s a sound bite world. There’s so much information coming at us every minute of every day, it takes a strong “sound bite” to break through the din. Instead of resisting it, learn to master it. Here are a number of very brief (well, after all, they are sound bites) examples. As you watch and listen […]

  • Practice! Practice! Practice!
    Wednesday August 3, 2011

    By Eric M. Seidel, CEO The Media Trainers®, LLC When it comes to dealing with the media, it’s all about impressions made on target audiences. Bad ones can be made very quickly and be long lasting. Good ones can be quick, too, and need to be repeated. One misstep can change good to bad right […]

  • You’ve Got 30 Seconds!
    Wednesday August 26, 2009

    Click on this picture! By Eric Seidel, CEO The Media Trainers® Have you noticed how time-constrained live interviews have become on the cable news networks? Tight formats, “hard breaks” and very interruptive news anchors are making it more difficult than ever to clearly make a point. Typically, you get little if any warning just how […]

  • Strategy on Using News Media for Positioning
    Monday August 24, 2009

    By Eric Seidel, CEO The Media Trainers® When news media can give you a boost, as Fox Business Network did for Dunkin Donuts in the picture above, it’s always welcome. But, in their effort to understand, or interpret, your positioning, make sure you stay on your terms, especially if the news media might not say […]

  • When You’re Asked About Your Competition
    Tuesday August 11, 2009

    By Eric Seidel, CEOThe Media Trainers® When your name is both a subject and a verb, you just might find others trying to bring you down to size. So it goes for Google. The seemingly ubiquitous search engine does have competitors still trying to emerge from Google’s dust. Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing want a much […]