Strategy on Using News Media for Positioning

By Eric Seidel, CEO

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When news media can give you a boost, as Fox Business Network did for Dunkin Donuts in the picture above, it’s always welcome. But, in their effort to understand, or interpret, your positioning, make sure you stay on your terms, especially if the news media might not say things quite the way you would.

While the T-shirt Dunkin is marketing makes a frontal attack on Starbucks’ upscale (pricey) market position, CEO Nigel Travis lets the shirt’s printed statement speak for itself, rather than further slamming Starbucks at the encouragement of his interviewer.

FBN’s David Asman suggested to Travis that “you smell blood in the water…” especially in light of the recession. Correctly, Travis avoided repeating or even validating Asman’s assumption. Instead of going negative, he took the opportunity to reinforce a positive message about his product’s perceived value. (Click on the video below for the 36 second segment.)

One other unrelated note: the reflection in Nigel Travis’ glasses is a distraction that could sabotage his message. A producer or photographer on his end of the camera, or a director back in the FBN control room, should’ve noticed that and corrected it before he was put on the air. But, don’t just leave it up to someone else. You should ask if everything looks okay. And men, that definitely includes making sure your tie is pulled tight into the collar, closing the space between the top of the tie and the shirt button.

One thought on “Strategy on Using News Media for Positioning

  1. Nigel Travis is now engaged in a “media blitz” trying to position this company for the VC’s exit and a share market float.

    What he’s not telling you is the depth of corrupt overseas operations that have left the company tarnished and the brand discredited. Koreans, Chinese, Indians, and Australians all have been defrauded by this franchisor.

    It isn’t the same ethical company it was in the 1990’s. Investors should be cautious.

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