Executive Rewind: An Expert on the Solar Power Boomerang

Solar power is not the panacea it’s been portrayed to be? Well, apparently not when analyzed through an investment/financial lens.

Gordon Johnson, Axiom Capital’s Managing Director, says utilities worldwide are going in a more familiar direction to get their fuels. Indeed, he says even Japan is refocused on nuclear. This, just four years after a tsunami that took out a nuclear reactor, spilling radioactive debris.

Johnson fielded questions on Bloomberg TV. And, as you watch, note how he handles the questions smoothly and comfortably, displaying a very credible level of expertise. Because, when you or your business are under a media microscope, expertise is a critical component to persuasive message delivery.

Gordon Johnson is a financial expert who clearly is on top of the energy industry, including having a strong, global view and specific examples to support his key message:

Solar power is down, even in countries where it was warmly embraced just a few years ago. Now, natural gas is up. And it’s all due to supply and demand and cost efficiency.

When a media opportunity presents itself, make sure you consciously engage your expertise both as you prepare, and once you’re underway. It will do two things for you: increase your confidence in advance, and reinforce your credibility for your target audiences.

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