Executive Rewind: Getting the Story You Want

Working with clients who are, with good reason, very invested in their products or services can be challenging. They know so much detail, they can be deep into the weeds and challenged to give the major message points when talking to the media.

As a media trainer, it’s my job to help these clients see the value in first offering a “headline,” and then details as needed.

A very recent example is the CEO of Oxygenium. He has dedicated the last three years into this innovative, ultra-portable oxygen delivery system that can save lives we’re currently losing. He was asked for an interview by the Jerusalem Post. So, he and I reviewed The Media Trainers® process before his interview.

The result: he got the story he wanted that will reach his most important audiences and hopefully expedite his life-giving innovation to market.

The encouraging post-script to this story is the response. Here are some examples:

“My company, Pacific Coast Water Rescue Captain Services, is interested in presenting and providing Oxygenium to our First Responder clients. I would appreciate any information on this important new product for the Emergency Medical Services agencies. PCWR is very interested in becoming a distributor for your product here in Northern California. Any information that you can provide regarding this potential working relationship would be appreciated as well.”

“I just read about your device. If it works at altitude (10 -25,000′), it might also be of interest to owners and pilots of light aircraft.”

“Dear Mr. Weiss: My sister, in Colorado Springs, CO, who has idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, is interested in your new device. What can you tell her?”

Preparing for media opportunities often is the difference between success and just wasting your time. Or, at worst, getting a damaging result. Winging it is like flying without training. A crash landing is much more likely!

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