You Be the Judge

   Steve Wynn
   A Message for Washington
   By Eric Seidel, CEO
   The Media Trainers, LLC


Passionate, angry, fed up…maybe even giving up on the government in DC.

Prominent Las Vegas developer and casino-resort hotel owner and operator Steve Wynn has very strong feelings about what’s going on inside the Capitol Beltway. And it’s not complimentary.

In a recent CNBC interview Wynn demonstrated those feelings quite forcefully.

Watch it (click below) and then you be the judge. Consider the outlet (CNBC) he chose; is it a good choice? Is he reaching relevant potential audiences? Is his argument persuasive? How do you feel about his choice of language and his body language? Finally, while this is a forum more for examining effective message communication, weigh in as well on how you feel about what he says. Add your comments below and check in once in a while to see how others have reacted.



6 thoughts on “You Be the Judge

  1. Perfect! What Steve Wynn said needs to be said often, shared widely then internalized and understood by the American govermnent and the American electorate. Way to go Steve! The forum, his delivery and his message were spot on.

    Mark Dougherty

  2. When I saw this the first time on CNBC I couldn’t believe Wynn’s candor, and I still can’t. But I also think his is the type of statement that needs to be made repeatedly, then followed up with action. More talk won’t resolve the underlying problems this administration is bringing forth, and characterizing them as affordable progress when they are the exact opposite.
    RM Miles, Boston

  3. I think this is great. Like his candor and lack of pretense. No apologies for his beliefs and he backs it up with pertinent common sense thought. Liked his body language – eye contact, confidence, clarity of thought. Interesting that he’s so vocal without worry about offending anyone. Makes me want to stay at a Wynn Resort!

  4. I couldn’t agree more. Steve’s delivery was impassioned but controlled. He cited facts and examples (which I have not verified) to support his positions. He responded directly to the interviewer’s questions, but came back to his main point every time. Eye contact and speech were excellent.

  5. A forceful performance, never once taking on an individual and making it personal. Spiced with factual and simple examples, Wynn makes his points without appearing arrogant…and he ultimately is putting his money where his mouth is. The Tocqueville quote makes for a solid finish. I hope someone is listening.

  6. Couldn’t have said it any better. Steve Wynne was sincere and emotionally involved with his arguments because it is truth to him.
    CNBC is an adequate outlet because he is preaching to the choir. Those remarks need to be heard on CBS, NBC, and ABC. Their viewers tend to be koolaid drinkers for the administration. Someone needs to make that audience think very hard about what it is supporting.


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