Executive Rewind: The Art of Story Telling

While “down-and-dirty” news interviews require you to get right to the point, there are other opportunities to drive home news worthy messages to target audiences.

Presentations typically give you more time, and, used effectively, you can leave intended lasting impressions.

TED presentations offer a bounty of examples.

Drew Dudley is a professional leadership consultant from Canada who believes each of us has leadership qualities. It’s just a matter of employing them in a way that’s consistent and comfortable with your own personality.

Humor in story telling, used effectively, can make an indelible impression. Sir Ken Robinson is a British expat living in the US. His specialty is education and the need to not only permit, but honor failure as a path to creativity. He sites the case of a young girl who seemed very disengaged in her classroom, until a particular assignment drew her out.

Even with serious issues, indeed, even life and death, there’s Eric Dishman’s story when doctors delivered the worst news he could’ve heard,

In each of the examples above, a primary impression was being made through story telling. Dudley supplied an example of how his personality led to a life-changing impression on a college freshman. Robinson made the point that if creativity is stimulated, and failure is permitted, it will simply nurture more creativity. And, Dishman was empowered to take control over his own health, despite the dire forecast of his doctors. Now, he wants to do that for all of us.