A New Media Darling?

“You have run out of our money!”
–Daniel Hannan, Member, European Parliament
By Eric M. Seidel, CEO
The Media Trainers®
There’s a new political star on the international horizon. He’s only 37. He’s a Conservative Party Englishman who is a Member of the European Parliament (MEP). He’s very polished, very smooth. And, they’re already talking about him as a future, perhaps very near future, UK PM.

Perhaps you’ve heard about him. He’s already been nicknamed the “Shout heard around the world.” In an extemporaneous speech from the EP floor, Daniel Hannan dressed down the prime minister of England. His speech is all over the Internet.

Hannan is the youngest MEP ever elected to that legislative body. His verbal assault on Gordon Brown was startling and incredibly articulate, something other blogs are covering globally. Brown, by the way, was in the Parliament Hall at the time and Hannan’s eyes rarely left the prime minister’s.

Equally impressive is his presence and presentation in a Fox News interview. And this is where executives can observe and learn. With anchor Neil Cavuto in his New York Studio, Hannan was staring into a remote camera in France. He maintained constant eye contact with the camera, as if it were another human being. That’s no easy task.

His demeanor: brisk, crisp, comfortable and very confident. His command of the King’s English is impeccable. He knew exactly what he wanted to say about how his prime minister, and our president, are mishandling the world economic crisis by throwing money neither country has at the problem.

This post of a politician (something I almost always avoid) is the exception to my rule only because of what can be observed and copied from Hannan’s performance. He is so clear on and committed to his message, the technical obstacles of the interview fail to intimidate or create any inhibitions. It’s also a classic example of knowing your agenda and being able to fit it into the line of questioning.

You can see a segment of the 14 minute interview right here:

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