Anyone Remember Letterman?

By Eric Seidel, CEO
The Media Trainers®

The political cartoonists keep feasting on the carcass of Tiger Woods, adulterer. Just further evidence of not only his poor choices, but also disastrous decisions, presumably aided with equally bad advice, to try to let the story fade away.

New York Post cartoonist Sean Delonas has been making a career recently at Tiger’s expense. Of course, there’s little chance Woods would not have served as a human piñata for late night talkers, cartoonists and others, but it didn’t have to go on this long.

Silence can elicit a deafening response, especially in today’s wild west of free-wheeling media, when anyone can megaphone commentary globally on the Internet. And the beat goes on.

Hey, didn’t David Letterman have a child out of wedlock? With a woman he’d been living with for years? And didn’t he eventually marry his son’s mother, only to admit that since his relatively recent nuptials, he’d been bedding down some of the women who work on his show? David Letterman is in our dens, living rooms and/or bedrooms nightly. Yet, his dalliances pretty much have been forgotten, if not forgiven. The aftermath died down rather quickly.

While it may have been difficult, Letterman decided he would break the news on his own show. The predictable high tide of reaction, derision and humor followed, and then ebbed away, fairly fast.

Because of the choices Tiger and his handlers have made, the tsunami of ridicule and fallout continues, with no immediate end in sight.

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