Credibility Lost

Mexico Isn’t on Arizona’s Border?

The scene: Milwaukee. The event: a county supervisors’ meeting. The issue: that controversial law in Arizona to crack down on illegal immigrants.

Speaking: Peggy West, a county supervisor. She doesn’t like the law, but for at least one reason that you might not imagine. You see, Peggy doesn’t think Arizona faces any real problems because, she says, Arizona does not share a border with Mexico. That’s right, an elected official who oversees public business and public money doesn’t know–or didn’t when she spoke recently–that Mexico is on Arizona’s southern border. Texas, on the other hand…well, she can understand why Texas might have concerns. After all, Texas does border Mexico. Well, she got that part right, but it took another supervisor to step in and correct her geographical blunder. The brief video below has both Peggy’s comments and her colleague’s correction.

With today’s instant access to global communication, credibility is easy to lose.

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