Executive Rewind: A Football Coach, but No Media Coach

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick very likely will be recognized as one of the best ever in the National Football League.

But when it comes to dealing with the media, well, that’s another story.

No doubt his approach is by design, and he frankly really doesn’t care.

He has made the non-answer an avocation. Like one post-game news conference after a major loss:

You can’t help but get the impression Belichick enjoys stringing along reporters. Otherwise, why would he remain at the podium? And that’s just one example.

At the height of “Deflate-gate,” when it was revealed the footballs his team used on offense in a big game had been deflated to make them easier for his quarterback to throw in bad weather. After an opening statement, Belichick just stood there taking questions and giving the same non-answer:

This may work for Bill Belichick, but before you think about adopting his technique keep in mind the media have too much influence on reputations, and impressions, for you to be blasé or disengaged, especially when it comes to you and your business.

Also, if you’re ever in a press briefing/news conference situation, set the ground rules on your terms. Tell the media the format. And tell them when you’re done; close the questioning, thank them, and walk away.

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