Executive Rewind: Get in Front of Bad News

With the many challenges of the digital age we’re all learning about, seemingly on a daily basis, you can’t hide from bad news about you or your business. In fact, you owe it to yourself and your business to get in front of that news, and, if at all possible be the first to reveal it.

And, you need messaging to take the offensive.

While this Bloomberg video may be an unusual example (although I believe it’s unfortunately very realistic), just put yourself in the place of Radio Shack. The discussion occurred during a segment entitled “Retailers on the Brink”. It is full of speculation, from bankruptcy to going out of business.


While Radio Shack’s CEO issued a statement, the panel immediately countered that, unlike 2013, Radio Shack did not open its stores this year on Thanksgiving. Plus, the company is being investigated by the US Labor Department.

It’s too dangerous to wait. There are so many varieties of media ready to pounce, and speculate. And when major business networks like Bloomberg are doing it, your key audiences are hearing it. But, it doesn’t have to take a Bloomberg. Bloggers, competitors, and others watching over your industry are out there, and they have global reach.

So, while your business may be small, and privately held, the same principle applies: if you see bad news coming, you be the one to reveal it and deliver messaging that is honest, positive and succinct, and aimed at your most important audiences.

You’ll likely find those audiences are forgiving, and admire the fact that they heard it first, from you.

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