Executive Rewind: Your Messaging Consistency is Critical

The Sony PR disaster has all the ingredients of being catastrophic economically to the company.

You’re most likely familiar by now with the leaked emails of a couple of top Sony executives. If not, the embedded video here will get you updated. But that’s only the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

As you watch and listen to this business network discussion, note how the conversation evolves, from the content of the emails to the potential for heads to roll to the impact on Sony stock since, as one of the experts suggests, the company is failing. And, finally, recommendations on competitor stocks you might choose to buy.

Yes, the Internet and all its many tentacles have changed all the rules.  Your messaging has got to be present, and consistent, in everything you say, write and do. At Sony, the email authors now are being marginalized as hypocrites and phonies.

It may not be fair that you always have to be on your guard. But it’s now a fact of life, ordained by the Technology Age. And, there’s every reason to believe it will only get worse.

Prepare for it. Set your messaging and keep it updated, as needed. Make sure the entire organization is on the same page, and caution colleagues that privacy has been greatly compromised.

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