Executive Rewind: Get to the Point!

The Internet. Social media. Blogs. Traditional media.

So much noise.

And, if you’re trying to break through the din, one rule is paramount. Get to the point. Immediately. Make it clear, make it concise and make it memorable.

Here’s an example of a message designed to reassure you.

General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs at the time of this interview, was discussing the aggressive actions of Russia in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Then there’s the case of genetically modified foods, otherwise known as GMOs. You’re no doubt aware of the controversy they’ve stirred up, like labeling.

Many states are taking things into their own hands, leading to a labyrinth of regulations. Not the preferred outcome for companies like Monsanto, a seed company, that wants to see a national standard.

To strengthen his position, CEO Hugh Grant, a Scotsman, needed first to understand his audience. For these early morning news shows, it’s majority female. Then, go straight to the most compelling reason to make his case: the price of groceries. Instead, he buried it.

Comments like “A patchwork quilt…” “You can’t move a can of soup from one state to the other…” are fine, and create a visual image. But, the bottom line is his contention, “…and the consumer ends up paying $400-500 more a year in their grocery bills.” That’s the headline. That’s the most pressing and most persuasive message for his position.