Executive Rewind: It’s All About Audiences

There are so many ways to reach target audiences today. The cyber world has shattered the old templates. Macro has become micro. And micro has splintered to even narrower paths to audiences.

But note that the basic rules hold true. First, you’ve got to know who you are talking to and who you want to talk to. They are not necessarily the same individuals or groups. Once you’ve defined that, you then can craft a message and, finally, determine the most compelling and persuasive way to “say” it.

Ever heard of Bethany Mota? Neither had I. She’s a millennial and she’s making a reported $40,000.00 a month. All online and not via traditional media.

I’m clearly not in her target audience. Bethany talks to other young ladies and girls. She knows exactly who her audience is, and goes right at them.

She markets fashions, cosmetics and even high tech gadgets by endorsing them on youtube.com. For her, audiences are like family.

Whether it’s marketing, public speaking, or talking to and through the news media, it’s all about audiences. So, even when you’re using the “new” media, make sure you’re guided by the “traditional” rules. They definitely still apply today!