Executive Rewind: Position Yourself as an Expert

The media always are looking for experts. Someone who can get above the weeds and make sense of things.

Now that we’ve celebrated a New Year and an unofficial new decade (they actually start at the …1 year of a new decade), we take a look at business past, present and future.

So, what has 2019 wrought for 2020? Gerald Storch* is a retail expert and consultant, having been in the C-Suite of several corporations, including Target, Toys R Us, and the mother ship for Saks Fifth Avenue.

First, there are the retail losers:

More specifically, yesterday’s suburban malls are being replaced by e-commerce and more:

So that means those massive shopping malls will eventually disappear, right? Well, some will:

Storch says there’s another important factor in all this disruption:

Experts like Storch are a reporter’s ideal. He makes succinct points that are clearly understood, and he talks in easily edited sound bites.

If you can do that, you’ll have media beating a path to your door and helping give you the upper hand competitively. You’ll also be creating relationships that can serve you well in good and bad times.

*He is the Founder and CEO of Storch Advisors, a global business and management advisory firm. He is frequently on television as an expert commentator covering retail and consumer news, including appearing on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business. Prior to Storch Advisors, he was CEO of HBC, the parent of Saks Fifth avenue and Hudson’s Bay Company. Prior to HBC, Storch was Chairman and CEO of Toys “R” Us, Inc. He also served as Vice Chairman of Target Corporation.

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