Executive Rewind: What’s Your Communications Plan for Business Disruption?

Change is constant. Always has been. When it comes, it brings disruption. And, frequently with it, lots of voices prognosticating about the consequences. You have to recognize the speed and magnitude of today’s world of communications, and the various opinions your most important audiences are hearing, for your business to survive.

Try putting yourself into this real-life scenario and how you’d handle the media as they collect a variety of other opinions:

Retail is under siege. The behemoth, of course, is Amazon, now poised to buy Whole Foods for nearly $14 Billion. How is the grocery industry reacting?

First, hear one of the prognosticators. Brian Sozzi with TheStreet:

Now, a bricks and mortar grocer: Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen, trying to put a positive “spin” on the news:

Do you find that answer credible, or predictable corporate boilerplate? Or does this statement from business pundit and Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian really capture what’s happening?

TheStreet’ s Sozzi cites how Wal-Mart is fighting back:

So, that raises a question for Kroger’s McMullen:

But, the fact is, Amazon’s move is hammering competitor’s stocks:

Kroger’s response:

If you’re a Kroger shareholder, is that an acceptable explanation? And just how well has Kroger been listening and responding to their customers up to this point as Amazon appears very tuned in to consumers?

Messaging today is more important than ever. Communication is virtually instant and certainly global. You need to know how to talk to your most important audiences, and have a nimble process for reaching them quickly and persuasively.

Are you prepared? We can make sure you are!

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