Mouths that Roared

Friday Follies

WARNING! These are not bloopers. They were said intentionally and aired live. If you’re easily offended, lack a sense of humor or just not in the mood, go no further.

But, if you’d like to end your work week with a laugh and have something to come back to when you need to smile, then continue on.

These are some sound bites I’ve collected. Not by design. They just happened on programs I recorded to capture news interviews for my workshops. So, I just was lucky. These do push the envelope a bit, but keep in mind that they all occurred on cable TV…beyond the reach of the FCC and government regulation.

All of these, by the way, occurred on Fox News Channel’s Your World w/Neil Cavuto. Coincidence? Perhaps, or Neil just brings out the best (lines) from his guests.

So, here we go, and if you’ve heard one or more before, it still should be fun to hear them again.

About a year before campaigning even began in earnest for the 2008 presidential election, there was plenty of speculation about Hillary. And one day the New York Daily News ran a front-page story that the then-NY senator was planning to muzzle husband Bill. Cavuto asked Democratic strategist Bob Beckel for his opinion:

Hillary Clinton happens to be the topic of conversation in this next one, too. Dr. Veronica Corpening, an ophthalmologist and author, is married and has three young sons. She also has strong—some would say old fashioned—feelings about a wife’s role in a marriage. Her husband is her first priority, she says, then her kids and, finally, her career. Corpening believes a woman should always be there to support her spouse. She sited several first ladies as good examples of women standing beside their men, but singled out Hillary for criticism. Cavuto challenged her:

Finally, Kinky Friedman, who’s first name might just make some sense after you watch this video. He’s a singer, song writer and leader of the band “Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jew Boys”, and he can be a loose cannon. Friedman seems destined to become the Harold Stassen of Texas politics. He ran in the last Lone Star State gubnatorial race, and lost. Despite that, he says he’s planning to run again. In fact, Cavuto was interviewing him about his future political plans as Friedman came to the rhetorical aid of a (at the time) recently disgraced US Senator:

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