Rare Video of Abraham Lincoln

Our 16th President Talks about Effective Communication

By Eric Seidel, CEO
The Media Trainers

Honest Abe was a master; an expert communicator whose special skills undoubtedly went a long way toward helping get him elected president.

He understood what it takes to connect with his intended audiences persuasively. We’ve obtained video of an exclusive interview with the late president on the subject of executive presence. The interviewer was Steve Wylie with the Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg, PA. (Click on the interview below.)

Interestingly, President Lincoln adheres to the techniques proctored by friend and associate Andrew Dietz, President of Creative Growth Group, and me in our Executive Presence Workshops.

Our workshops are predicated on what we call the “7 Laws of Gravitas.”

Law 1: Develop Clear Positioning
Be a “go-to” person with a distinguishable feel.

Law 2: Maintain Peer to Peer Ego Strength
Vigilantly seek to bring the dialogue back to peer-to-peer levels.

Law 3: Exert Leadership Influence
Gently and consistently expose reality.

Law 4: Offer Emotional Generosity
Sit on the same side of the table.

Law 5: Master Your Words
Be mindful of your verbal presence – crisp, concise,

Law 6: Think On Your Feet
Employ frameworks and think “yes, and.”

Law 7: Mind Your Body
Move with energy, pause with power.

These “laws” help improve the communication and presentation skills of men and women on an upward track in an organization, up and comers whose jobs require them to interact with the senior level management of clients and prospects.

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