The Eyes Have It!

Super sports agent Scott Boras as he’s being introduced on Fox Business Network could not have seemed more disinterested; he even gives the impression of being inconvenienced. So why did he accept the invitation?

First impressions often are long-lasting. Note the cocky look supported by body language displayed by Invidi CEO David Downey. This was before the interview about his product that tracks your TV viewing habits by placing a cookie in your satellite or cable receiver.

Advertising executive Jeff McClelland was talking about the advantages of using radio as an advertising medium and must have thought he was on radio. His eyes never came up to meet the camera.

What is loan officer Steve Snider looking at? A script! That’s right, he’s on TV reading from his notes in response to a question!

Joint Chiefs Chairman, Admiral Mike Mullen has a curious way of addressing questioners. His head turns only slightly, as his eyes seem to communicate a wariness.

Adm. Mullen is consistent. While the shot above is from a CBS Face the Nation interview, this one was at another time on CNN’s State of the Union.
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner also seems to measure his interviewers with some concern, if not outright suspicion. Like Mullen, his eyes move further than his head.

Even while speaking, Geithner never fully commits. He seems as if he’s on the defensive.

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  1. not only politicians need to know what messages their nonverbal signals are sending….but executives as well…and husbands and wives to boot! Bob Weber

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